Welcome to Winnipeg
by Marcel Dzama


Title: Welcome to Winnipeg

Author: Marcel Dzama

Publisher: Rizziero Arte. Printed in Italy. Produced to accompany an exhibition in 2004 at Rizzierro Arte in Pescara, Italy.

Specs: 9.25" x 6.75" Hardcover

Pages: 30 pages with color images on every page, end papers and inside covers.

Details: First 15 pages on a tan color linen paper, with a single image of a drawing or painting on both the front and back of each page, next 15 pages are on thin matte vellum beginning in an upside down format starting from the back cover to the middle of the book with each page completely covered with notes, stories and numerous drawings and sketches, as if directly from the pages of the artist's sketchbook.

Notes from the archive: Here you will find color images of many of Dzama's signature style color drawings, paintings and sketches.  Anthropomorphic trees, bats, bears, figures, snakes, ghosts, and monsters are presented in a simple yet surreal style.  He draws inspiration from Disneyesque cartoon characters of the 1940's and 50's along with the chaotic energy of Japanese animation. Dzama combines animals, monsters and nymphs in a provocative distortion to formulate his own stories. 

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