The Dracula EP
Albatross Note with Marcel Dzama


Artist/ Designer: Marcel Dzama (lead singer & cover art) and Albatross Note (band)
b. 1974 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Title: The Dracula EP
Medium: Rare 9" vinyl record in marbleized green with different drawings by Dzama on Side A & B. Cover in standard album cover stock.
Dimensions: Album Cover 9.25" x 9.25" 
Manufacturer: Trillium Press Record Series
Details: Edition of 1000. Music and artwork copyright 2005 Marcel Dzama. Opened but never played. Good condition. Eight songs included, four on each side.
Notes from the Archive: Marcel Dzama is an inter-disciplinary artist, best known for his drawings in muted tones depicting figures, cowboys, ghosts, and animals both comic and surreal. He is also known for his dioramas, puppets, films, and music including collaborations on music videos for Arcade Fire's short film "The Suburbs" and the Department of Eagles video, "No One Does It Like You". He has collaborated with progressive rock artists, They Might Be Giants, and provided the cover art for an album cover for Beck.   
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