Bronze Bas Relief (Large Landscape)
by Robert Kipniss


Artist/ Designer: Robert Kipniss
b. 1931, Brooklyn NY
Title: Bronze Bas Relief (Large Landscape) 
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 12"h x 16" x 2"
Details: Signed Kipniss on bottom of left side, stamped with edition number 3/8. Hanging wire on back and drilled holes on bottom for optional attachment to a sculpture base. Exact date of work unknown, estimated circa 1970-1975.
Notes from the Archive: Robert Kipniss, the extraordinary American landscape painter and master printmaker, experimented with bas relief in bronze early in his career, as both a technical challenge and an opportunity to create true sculptural forms in bronze. Bas relief (A French term from the Italian basso-relievo or low-relief) is a technique in which design elements are more prominent than the overall flat background. Here Kipniss takes this to the extreme reaching depths of almost two inches in some areas.  
He is best known for his imaginary and dreamlike landscapes offering recollections of a moment of transient beauty.  Upon first seeing a Kipniss work, often the viewer has the distinct feeling of seeing this landscape or interior before, a déjà vu second that seems impossible to forget. As Kipniss describes, "I may be painting trees and houses, but when I look at them, that's not what I see. I see an atmosphere, a moment, a quickly passing experience that I'm trying to capture. My art is an art of intensity, of delving, of exploring the soul." This is a rare and rich work, one of only a very few in this medium, acquired directly from this great American artist. 
Kipniss' work is represented in the permanent collections of hundreds of museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the British Museum in London and the Bibliothèque National in Paris. 
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