Frank O. Gehry

  Frank O. Gehry 


b. 1929, Toronto, Canada

Frank Gehry sometimes referred to as a "starchitect" due to his celebrity status—a label that he rejects – is one of the world's leading contemporary architects. A Pritzker Prize–winner, he was named “the most important architect of our age” by Vanity Fair, and his designs are cited as being among the most important in the world. Gehry has never limited himself exclusively to architecture. He has collaborated with artists such as Claes Oldenberg and Richard Serra, designing watches, teapots, and a line of jewelry for Tiffany & Co. In the realm of interior design, from 1969-1972 he created a series of modern cardboard furniture named Easy Edges. Gehry's best-known works include the iconic titanium-covered Guggenheim Museum in Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, and the Vitra Design Museum in Germany.

 (Photo c. Tim Street-Porter/Beateworks/Corbis)
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