James Carpenter
The Structure of Transparency


Title: James Carpenter The Structure of Transparency

Author: Foreword by Peter T. Joseph. Essay "The Structure of Transparency" by Davidson Norris

Publisher: Peter Joseph Gallery, 1992. Designed by Michael Bierut/ Pentagram. Photography by Brian Gulick, Chun Lai & David Sundberg.

Specs: 11.5"h x 8"

Pages:  12

ISBN: 0-9628849-9-5

Details: Exhibition catalogue. Cover and back have a semi-transparent overlay of frosted paper. Excellent condition.

Notes from the Archive: In his essay, Norris writes; "James Carpenter's conceptual premise, applicable to architecture, sculpture and furniture, starts with the nature of light. Curiously paradoxical, light is the source of all visibility but is itself invisible. Carpenter's mission has been to use glass to make visible its presence, power, subtlety and beauty." The exhibition included four tables, a large screen, a mirror, and glass columns. Carpenter's architecturally based vocabulary included the magical use of Dichroic acid etched and laminated glass with stainless steel and beautiful woods like pear or cherry. 

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