by PhilIppe Starck


Title: Starck®

Author: PhilIppe Starck

Publisher: Benedikt Taschen, © 1991, Germany

Specs: 11.75”h x 9”, Softcover with heavy gloss cover stock.

Pages: 176 Pages. Over 100 beautiful photographs of Starck's work, and 30 pages of biographical information in German, English and French 

ISBN:  3-8228-9752-3

Details:  First Edition. Excellent condition 

Notes from the archive: If Philippe Starck could be defined, this book would come closest in more than a few words (in German, French and English) to clarifying this “Messiah of French Design.” Having said that, author Olivier Boissiere an architectural journalist born in 1939, has noted that Starck is immune to categorization, fitting neither into our ideas of bourgeoisie, nor into the conformity – for that is what it is – of the world of the dandy and the dresser-up.” This is an encapsulation of Starck’s ideas and accomplishments; the obvious and the confused, whether a sensual toothbrush or the similarly formed Olympic torch for the 1992 Albertville, France Olympics."

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