Parisian Repose
by Frances Paley


Title: Parisian Repose 

Author: Frances Paley

Publisher: Litho New Art Torino

Specs: Book 4.75"h x 6.5", Softcover. Hand-signed and numbered print included with Limited Edition version: 10"h x 8" printed on rag paper. Limited edition print printed in artists' studio. Book printed in Italy, September 2008

Pages: 64, 42 color illustrations

ISBN: 3-9804070-7-1

Details: Note we are offering both the small volume by itself and the limited edition version including a hand signed volume and a numbered and signed print.  Total book edition is 1000 copies. 1-50 of the edition are numbered and include a hand-signed print. Photo of print included below; signed and numbered by the artist 6/10.The limited edition prints are of five different images, each in an edition of only 10. This is the only version with signed limited edition print currently available. All in brand new condition.

Notes from the archive: This book is from a series of 19 different books on a selection of artists, produced by Disegnodiverso by Paola Gribaudo. The series includes a diverse group of artists including drawings, poetry, jewelry, photography, short stories, and collages. This book includes brief poems, quotes and excerpts by Robert Graves, Basho, Ranier Maria Rilke, Paul Verlaine and others.

Shipping: Free shipping included in the continental US. Please contact us for international shipping arrangements.

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