Paper Plate (Limited Edition)
by Roy Lichtenstein for On First Store


Artist/Designer: Roy Lichtenstein
b. 1923 - 1997 New York
Title: Paper Plate 1969 Edition
Medium: 3 color screen print on waxed paper plate
Dimensions: 10.25" diameter
Manufacturer: Publisher Bert Stern for  "On First Store", New York City
Details: In very good condition from the original edition in 1969. Created for Bert Stern's "On First Store". Sets of 10 were sold in clear cellophane. These are from an original set. It is not known how many were originally printed, but now it's more important how many have survived in good condition. Other pop artists were planned to be included in this project, although few were completed. 
Notes from the Archive: America's favorite pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein was a painter, sculptor and printmaker. His contribution - the collision of commercial or comic images and fine art defined the legacy of the Pop Art Movement. This is a special opportunity to own a small work by an important modern icon. Examples are in many museum collections and especially university collections, as Lichtenstein donated the sets he retained to major US universities. These plates are often seen individually framed in a plexiglass box and wall hung. 
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