Modern Furniture Classics
by Miriam Stimpson


Title: Modern Furniture Classics; A Sourcebook of Styles, Designers, and Manufacturers from 1855 to Today.

Author: Miriam Stimpson

Publisher: Whitney Library of Design, Watson Guptill, © 1987

Specs: Hardcover. 9.25”h x 9.25”

Pages: 208 Pages. More than 450 black and white illustrations.

ISBN: 0-8230-7376-9

Details: First Edition 1987.

Notes from the archive: Miriam Stimpson has connected the evolving world of furniture design, international in scope and chronologically from the Industrial Revolution to the eclectic 1980’s. Each entry (more than 350) is illustrated with photographs or illustrations and supported with concise text and data for easy referencing. Text includes a directory of manufacturers, distributors and design studios, galleries and museums with their addresses.

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