Masterworks Two


Title: Masterworks Two

Author: Foreword by Peter T. Joseph, essay by Emma Cobb.

Publisher: Peter Joseph Gallery, 1994.  Designed by Michael Bierut/ Pentagram. 

Specs: 11.5"h x 8"

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1-881658-09-0

Details: Exhibition catalogue with 22 color illustrations. Printed on ivory linen and smooth paper. 

Notes from the archive:  The second Masterworks exhibition, including works by: Garry Knox, Bennett, Jonathan Bonner, James Carpenter, Wendell Castle, John Dunnigan, Michelle Holzapfel, Thomas Hucker, Micheal Hurwitz, Thomas Loeser, Wendy Maruyama, Alphonse Mattia, Richard Scott Newman, Albert Paley, Gaetano Pesce, Timothy Philbrick, James Schriber, Rosanne Somerson, Wendy Wahl, Edward Zucca

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