Title: Masterworks

Author: Essays by Peter T. Joseph, Witold Rybczynski and Arthur Danto

Publisher: Peter Joseph Gallery, 1991. Designed by Michael Bierut/ Pentagram. Photography by Michael Galatis.

Specs: 11.5"h x 8"

Pages: 55

ISBN: 0-9628849-2-8

Details: Rare, hard to find catalog. In very good condition, minor scuffs on covers.

Notes from the Archive: In Peter T. Joseph's essay he notes; "It is the mission of the Peter Joseph Gallery to transverse the gulf that separates art from furniture. However they may be classified, the objects here will represent the highest level of creative expression. Some will reflect devotion to craftsmanship or to a particular tradition of furniture making; others may resist or radically reinterpret the established order. Whatever approach they embody, the best will become the furniture masterpieces of this century and will be passed down from generation to generation. A few, like the great masterpieces of the past, will be destined for museums; but in truth their proper domain is the home." Catalogue includes color photographs of each work, along with black and white portraits of each artist including: Jonathan Bonner, James Carpenter, Wendell Castle, John Dunnigan, Michelle Holzapfel, Thomas Hucker, Michael Hurwitz, Thomas Loeser, Wendy Maruyama, Alphonse Mattia, Richard Scott Newman, Albert Paley, Gaetano Pesce, Timothy Philbrick, James Schriber, Rosanne Somerson, Wendy Wahl, and Edward Zucca

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