Low Ply-Table
by Jasper Morrison for Vitra


Artist/Designer: Jasper Morrison
b. 1959, London
Title: Low Ply-Table 
Medium: Plywood, birch veneer
Dimensions: 15.25" h x 19.5" x 17.5"
Manufacturer: Vitra
Details: Designed in 1988/91. Two examples available in very good condition. No longer in production. Included in many international museum collections. Extremely collectible.
Notes from the Archive: Jasper Morrison's work is characterized by its simplicity in both form and vision. Here using simple, clean materials and visible fasteners, Morrison designed a high quality precisely manufactured low table for multiple use as a side table or a coffee table. This table was originally designed for an installation in Berlin titled "Some New Items for the House" featuring the Ply-chairs in both versions (open backed and closed) displayed with a Ply-Table in a room complete with plywood walls and floor. 
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