Living under the Crescent Moon
Domestic Culture in the Arab World


Title: Living under the Crescent Moon, Domestic Culture in the Arab World

Author: Edited by Alexander von Vegesack and Mateo Kries. Contributors include Stefano Bianca, Sébastien Boulay, Mateo Kries, Annegret Nippa, Karin Pütt and Eugen Wirth, as well as photos by Deidi von Schaewen, Bruno Barbey, Thierry Mauger and Pascal & Maria Maréchaux.

Publisher: Vitra Design Museum, 2007

Specs: 13"h x 9.5"

Pages: 348 pages

ISBN: 3-931936-41-4

Details: This catalog was published to accompany the exhibition of the same name originating at the Vitra Design Museum. First Edition volume.  In perfect condition.

Notes from the archive: The exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum included models and entire room environments reconstructed to show the diversity of domestic life in the Arab world. Domestic objects were also highlighted including ceramics, tools, textiles and architectural elements offering insight to their everyday use and customs. The book offers a fascinating look through rich photographs and essays of the diversity of domestic lifestyles from nomadic tents and ornate casbahs, to palaces and modern buildings by architects. A view of private life usually not revealed to outsiders.

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