Coupe Papier (Letter Opener)
by Jean Prouve - Vitra Design Museum


Artist/ Designer: Jean Prouve´
b. 1901 - 1984,  Nancy, France
Title: Coupe Papier (Letter Opener)
Medium: Polished stainless steel
Dimensions: 8.3" x 2.25"
Manufacturer: Vitra Design Museum
Details: Originally designed in 1938, this version from the authorized production by Vitra Design Museum in 2001. This is an early production model sent for use as a sample to the US. Final version had embossed box. This version includes polishing cloth and plastic sleeve. Signature incised at top end. Only one available.
Notes from the Archive: Jean Prouve´ was originally trained as metalsmith and a engineer and is best known for his designs for furniture, objects and architecture. Coupe Papier was an object he designed and produced in highly polished stainless steel as special gifts for his architectural colleagues and friends. Its organic shape fits well in the hand, making the simple act of opening letters a most pleasurable task.
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