High Touch
The New Materialism in Design
Robert Janjigian


Title: High Touch, The New Materialism in Design

Author: Robert Janjigian with Laura J. Haney. Foreword by Ivy Ross. 

Publisher: E. P Dutton, New York © 1987

Specs: Softcover. 10”h x 10”

Pages: 118 Pages, hundreds of full color images.

ISBN: 0-525-48340-3

Details: First American Edition.

Notes from the archive: High Touch catalogues, defines and illustrates the brazen new world of furniture, where the medium is indeed the message. Oddball elements of construction – rubber, concrete, synthetic stone are incorporated with wood and wool, glass and steel to reinterpret and redefine valuable, functional, durable, objet ‘d art and ultimately to feature the “process” as being as important as the design. The author Robert Janjigian was the Senior Editor of Interiors magazine.

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