Elephant Stool (Prototype)
by Sori Yanagi - Vitra Design Museum


Artist/Designer: Sori Yanagi
b. 1915 - 2011 Tokyo, Japan
Title: Elephant Stool 
Medium: Injected molded polypropylene.
Dimensions: 14.5"h X 20" x 18.25"
Manufacturer: Vitra Design Museum
Details: Prototype 2003/4. Stackable, recyclable, suitable for outdoor use.
Notes from the Archive: Originally designed and produced in fiberglass Japan in 1954. This updated version of the Elephant Stool was in development for over one-and-a-half years. Eckart Maise, the Managing Director of Products for the Vitra Design Museum at that time, was interviewed by Metropolis Magazine and discussed the time it took to bring the product into production. "The challenge was to bring it up to today's technical standards without challenging the original design. The good thing was that Yanagi, who was 88 years old at the time - helped us keep a balance". Prototypes in various colors were sent to US for a trade show in 2004 including these blue and green versions, along with a grey, and black. The Elephant Stool is currently still in production by Vitra in cream or black.
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