Chaise Lounge (1:6 Scale Miniature - Prototype) by LeCorbusier/Jeannert/Perriand


Artist/ Designer: Le Corbusier/Jeanneret/Perriand
Title: Chaise Lounge with å réglage continu 1928
Medium: Chrome plated metal, steel, canvas fabric, leather, and rubber
Dimensions: 4" h x 10.5" x 3.5"- 1:6 scale miniature
Manufacturer: Vitra Design Museum
Details: Prototype. Chaise lounge glides on the steel frame for optimal comfort. The cover is attached with steel springs attached through grommets on the underside. The leather production version uses elastic bands instead of metal springs. Only one available.
Notes from the Archive: This chaise lounge is undoubtedly one of the most famous pieces of twentieth century furniture. It is interesting to note the Vitra Design Museum miniatures are based on the actual version of each chair in their world renowned collection. The museum owns numerous variations of this important chaise and originally planned to offer the miniature in this rare earlier version of the chaise with a canvas cover. Once this prototype was completed, the customer feedback showed collectors preferred the more modern version with the leather cover, which is now the miniature version in production. Making this prototype even more rare and collectible.
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