Candy Dish (Prototype)
by Richard Meier for Swid Powell


Artist/Designer: Richard Meier FAIA
b. 1934, Newark 
Title: Candy Dish (Prototype) 1983
Medium: Silver Plate
Dimensions: 1.25" h x 7.5" diameter
Manufacturer: Swid Powell, produced by Lunt 
Details: Prototype purchased from Swid Powell. No longer in production. Marked Swid Powell and RM on bottom. In original box from Lunt. Good condition, some slight surface/polishing scratches. Polished for this photo. Only one available.
Notes from the Archive: Richard Meier's formal modernist style translated well to his many designs for silver for Swid Powell. In the Annette Tapert book on Swid Powell he is quoted on the relationship between his architectural work and and the objects he designed for Swid Powell. "I relate these products to my architecture in that they are related to me." he says. "What I design are not only things I want to live with, but things I need. For example, I need photo frames for pictures of my children, I need bowls for nuts. I also design for Swid Powell because I haven't been able to find things on the market that I like to live with on a daily basis. It satisfies my own particular desire for certain kinds of things that are part of life for me and for others who want them. It's the same as architecture." Many of his designs for Swid Powell are in the Yale University Art Gallery and other international museums.
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