Lucky Leaf
by Michelle Holzapfel


Artist/Designer: Michelle Holzapfel
b. 1951 Woonsocket, RI
Title: Lucky Leaf 2008
Medium: Cherry, gold leaf
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 5"
Details: Unique, one-of-a-kind work signed on bottom: Lucky Leaf, michelle holzapfel, 2008 cherry, marlboro, vermont
Notes from the Archive: Michelle Holzapfel's works encompass her love of natural forms, her mastery of carving, and her curiosity about historical vessel forms as metaphorical objects. Here a single cherry burl is swept up in stylized leaf forms, contrasting both natural polished and gilded surfaces with the burl's scorched and burnt interior.  She recently shared her thoughts on the origins of Lucky Leaf's sinuous leaf details: "My carved leaf motifs have changed over time. In the beginning, leaves clung tightly to the vessel’s surface; over time they stood in higher relief. In one case, the vase is composed of nothing but carved leaves. In general, the development has been from restraint to abandon." Lucky Leaf is at once exuberant and introspective, flamboyant and restrained, an intuitively beautiful work by an American Master.
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