Nuove Intenzioni Del Design
Giuseppe Berti and Ivanna Rossi


Title: Nuove Intenzioni Del Design

Author: "Nel Segno Del Postmoderno" by Giuseppe Berti. Foreword Ivanna Rossi.
Project by Studio Alchimia, and Ugo La Pietra

Publisher: Ricerche Design Editrice, srl. Milan, Italy © 1982

Specs: Softcover. 9.5"h x 6.5"

Pages: 164 Pages. Color and black and white illustrations and photographs.

Details: This catalogue accompanied an exhibition curated by Reggio Emilia, Aprile 1982. Includes photos and details of works by Andrea Branzi, Riccardo Dalisi, Ugo La Pietra, Battista Luraschi, Walter Marchetti, Alessandro Mendini, Adolfo Natalie/Superstudio, Paolo Navone, Pcchiomagico, Franco Raggi, Cinza Ruggeri, Denys Santachiara, and Studio Alchimia. 

Notes from the archive: 15 Italian artists and designers of multiple visual disciplines are described and illustrated with images of their works. The art represents performance, traditional theater, architecture, and utilitarian design with the inescapable flair of Italian design. The artists in this book are discovering new ground, experimenting and improvising. These are essay and graphic studies of their spectacular “Fellini-esque” efforts. 

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