Ettore Sottsass Design Metaphors
Edited by Barbara Radice


Title: Ettore Sottsass Design Metaphors

Author: Edited by Barbara Radice. Art Direction by Christoph Radl

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., New York © 1988

Specs: Softcover, 9"h x 6.5".  Printed and bound in Italy

Pages: 62 pages. Includes black and white and color photographs taken by Ettore Sottsass from 1972-1973 with accompanying sketches and drawings

ISBN: 0-8478-0894-7

Details: Text in English with some handwritten commentary in Italian

Notes from the archive: Photographs, drawings and images of constructions or plans with some original commentary by Ettore Sottass (in Italian) with introductions and clarifications by Barbara Radice. The work presented may be best summarized for purpose and device by Sottass himself, “It may occur to someone working in design to produce objects that are of no use to industrial civilization as it is set up at present, but that serve to release creative energies, to suggest possibilities, to stimulate awareness, to bring people’s feet back onto the planet…” 

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