Forged Sculpture I
by Albert Paley


Artist/Designer: Albert Paley 
b. 1944, Philadelphia
Title: Forged Sculpture I, 2014

Medium: Mild steel, chemically blackened patina
Dimensions: 56.5" h x 27.75" x 22" Base: 3" h x 14.5" x 14.5"
Details: In perfect condition. Unique, one of a kind sculpture. Stamped on top of steel base, ALBERT PALEY 2014. Weight 370 pounds.
Notes from the Archive:
When one thinks of a Paley sculpture the imagined image is of a twenty to eighty foot high work in steel, or perhaps one of the series of thirteen monumental sculptures installed on Park Avenue esplanade in New York City in 2013, each weighing a ton or more. This sculpture was created specifically for personal and intimate contemplation, whether installed in a residence, an office or a museum.
Prior to his monumental sculpture fame, Albert Paley was acclaimed as a master jeweler for his groundbreaking uses of forging to produce elegant, organic forms. This piece represents the natural evolution of that technique after decades of exploration. While many of Paley’s works use formed and fabricated flat elements, this sculpture is unique in that every component of it is shaped in the forge: wrought from raw steel.

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