Greene Street Chair (1:6 Scale Miniature)
by Gaetano Pesce - Vitra Design Museum


Artist/ Designer: Gaetano Pesce
b. 1939, La Spezia, Italy
Title: Greene Street Chair (1:6 Scale Miniature)
Medium: Glass fiber reinforced plastic, metal
Dimensions: 6"h x 3.25" x 3.5"
Manufacturer: Vitra Design Museum
Details: The full size chair was manufactured by Vitra in 1984/5 and produced as part of their Vitra Edition Series, along with Gehry's cardboard furniture and Kuramata's How High the Moon Chair. The full size chair is no longer in production, although the miniature is in production. These miniatures are very early production versions and are in excellent condition. Only two available.
Notes from the Archive: The chairs are named after Pesce's original studio on Greene Street in NYC's Soho district. During the mid-eighties, Pesce was experimenting with different types of resin and the possibilities in using the material for furniture. This chair was designed for production, although Pesce still required a hand touch to every chair. A red dash is randomly placed within the black glossy resin, so each model becomes unique and the Vitra Design Museum followed this rule even in the production of the miniature version (note photo below of the two we are offering for sale-one has red dash on the seat, the other on the back). The eight legs with rubber feet make the chair look sturdy but offer movement when seated. Note the face reference on the back of the chair. 
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