Domestic Animals
The Neoprimitive Style
by Andrea Branzi


Title: Domestic Animals: The Neoprimitive Style

Author: Andrea Branzi in collaboration with Nicoletta Branzi. Foreword by Pierre Restany

Publisher: The MIT Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, Massachusetts © 1987

Specs: Softcover. 8.5” h x 6.5”

Pages: 80 pages. Over 100 black and white and color photographs.

ISBN: 0-262-52126-1

Details: First MIT Press English Language edition. Printed and bound in Italy.

Notes from the archive: Andrea Branzi has collaborated with Nicoletta Branzi to produce this stunning collection of “mysterious” creature objects that have been designed to be worn, lived in/with and used for decoration between 1985 and 1986. This is a collection of “metaphors” of the relationships of animals in and about the human home. They have taken natural materials and fabrics and reworked these materials into new symbols to invite a new way of living and inhabiting the home. “Branzi’s neo-primitivitism takes into account mundane things, advanced technology and a return to nature.

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