The Face
by Philippe Starck for BIG


Artist/Designer: Philippe Starck
b. 1949, Paris
Title: The Face (Child's riding toy)
Medium: Recycled Plastic
Dimensions: Vertical: 24"h x 20" x 12", Box Size: 29.5"h x 12 x 23.5
Manufacturer: BIG in Germany
Details: Designed in 1997. No longer in production. Original production quickly sold out.  In original box. 
Notes from the Archive: Some claim that this was originally designed to be sold at Jouets + Cie, a Paris toy store designed by Philippe Starck in 1986. At the entrance, Starck produced a gigantic gold leafed baby doll, creating the ambiance of a giant Buddha. The store was also well-known for the large size Keith Haring mural on the wall.  The riding toy when vertical resembles a happy face with the handgrips as a mustache with a smiling mouth below and the end with the ball becomes a large turban or hat. The story on the outside of the box, explains, "When positioned vertically, the vehicle also delights art-lovers from all over the world as a witty and decorative sculpture." When ready for riding in the horizontal position, the mustache becomes the handle bars and one wheel under the "turban" makes it steer and glide easily. Manufacturing details on the outside of the original box include, "We have manufactured this item - strong as a buffalo but showing Starck's hand - from environmentally compatible and recyclable material in proven BIG quality." We find this object a humorous and amazing collector's piece.
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