Maharam Gift Wrap (Prototype #2)
by A4 Studio


Artist/Designer: A4 Studio for Maharam
Title: Maharam Gift Wrap (Prototype of Package #2), circa 2004
Medium: Printed matte inks on paper
Dimensions: 31.15" x 20.75" 
Manufacturer: Maharam 
Details: Never produced for sale. Design proposal for Gift Wrap Package #2 of 2 different design options. This Package includes three folded sheets of paper with matte finish inks, each folded in thirds and then in half creating a 10 3/8" square. All three sheets printed on both sides. Two sheets are folded with green, rust, brown, combination on the outside, and with the red, blue, dark red pattern on the inside. One sheet is folded the opposite way with red, blue, dark red combination on the outside and the green, rust, brown inside. "A4 Studio for Maharam" printed on green, rust, brown side. Very good condition. A few corners slightly bent. 
Notes from the Archive: Prototypes were designed by A4 Studio for consideration either as a product for sale or for use by Maharam. Both packages of Gift Wrap were kept in their original plastic and cardboard packaging and the colors are as strong as bright as when originally printed. 
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