Dr. Kleen
by Philippe Starck


Artist/ Designer: Philippe Starck 
b. 1949, Paris
Title: Dr. Kleen 1998
Medium: Polyamide toothpicks, ABS plastic base
Dimensions: 3.5" h x 1/75" diameter, toothpicks 3" h
Manufacturer: Alessi
Details: Set of six toothpicks and holder. No longer in production. Only one available, from early production, brand new in original box. Toothpicks all fit in container when not needed and one fits upright in the top, ready for use. A hard to find Starck collectible.
Notes from the Archive: Dr. Kleen was from a series of wry dental hygiene products for the bathroom Starck designed for Alessi in 1998, all with the medical title in their name, including Dr. Kiss (toothbrush and holder), Dr. Cheese, and Dr. Spoon.  Starck continued naming products with Dr. in the title including Dr. Skud (flyswatter) for Alessi, and furniture products including Dr. No and Dr. Glob. These continued Starck's penchant for applying beautiful design to the most mundane everyday objects.
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