Mister Meumeu (Prototype)
by Philippe Starck for Alessi


Artist/Designer: Philippe Starck
b. 1949 Paris
Title: Mister Meumeu (Cheese Cellar with grater and spoon) 1993
Medium: ABS Plastic, Polymide, and metal.
Dimensions: 5"h x 8" x 3" 
Manufacturer: Alessi
Details: This is the original prototype shipped from Italy to be used as trade show sample for the new product introduction in NYC. In very good condition. This color variation no longer offered. Purchased from an Alessi employee only sale. As prototypes, often in an early production stage, they could not be sold to the public, as testing had not been completed. This piece cannot be guaranteed as food safe. The metal grater is housed inside the lid. One of the "horns" becomes the spoon.
Notes from the Archive: An excellent example of a product referencing its use through its design. A concept that Starck often used to add to the narrative of each object he designed. He is quoted as saying, "Every object, every shape, every style must have a meaning, and it is this meaning that influences us everyday." Through his "democratic design' concept, Starck campaigned for well-designed objects that were not just reserved for the elite, consistently searching for ways to improve quality and reduce costs in mass market goods. A production version of this piece is in the MoMA collection and other international museum collections.
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