Try Tray (Limited Edition)
by Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design


Artist/Designer: Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design
b. La Spezia, Italy, 1939
Title: Try Tray 1995
Medium: Industrial Resin
Dimensions: 1.5" high x 16" x 16"
Details: Bottom noted "Fish Design 456"
Notes from the archive: Traditional materials did not satisfy Gaetano Pesce's curiosity. Once he discovered polyurethane resins, he was intrigued by its responsiveness to his artistic expression. He created a company in 1994 called Fish Design to create and distribute a series of objects produced in resin including bowls, vases, serving trays, lamps, mirrors, and clocks. The collection was shown at the Milan Fair in 1996 to wide praise from the international press. In his studio, a mold was used and multiple colors of translucent and colored resins could be hand-poured into the mold. This innovative technique, produced one-of-a-kind pieces within a series, with the meeting of the colors and opacities along with the unpredictability of resin. It was as if the materials capture a moment in the making of a 3-D object. 
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