Tray Table
by George Nelson - Vitra Design Museum


Artist/Designer: George Nelson
b. 1908-1985 Hartford, CT
Title: Tray Table 2002
Medium: Shaped, molded black plywood with chromed steel frame.
Dimensions: 19.5" - 27.25" variable height 15.25"- 17.50"
Manufacturer: Vitra Design Museum 
Details: Designed in 1948-49. A Vitra Design re-edition from 2002 and currently in production, but not currently for sale in the US due to a marketing agreement with Herman Miller. This version from the first production from the Vitra Design Museum in 2002, in its original box. Never used, only assembled for this photo. Only 1 available.
Notes from the Archive: An elegant and refined design with a cantilevered tray as a top. A very multi-functional piece as the variable height allows it to be used in many areas of the home. Original version from 1948 in both the Vitra Design Museum Collection and the Museum of Modern Art permanent collection.
Shipping Notes: Table comes disassembled in original box, or assembled upon request. Free shipping included in the continental US. Please contact us for international shipping arrangements.
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