Town for Memphis Poster
by George Sowden


Artist/Designer: George Sowden
b. 1942, Leeds UK
Title: Town for Memphis 1983
Medium: Poster on paper
Dimensions: 19.5" h x 27.5" Unframed -  22.25" x 29.25" x 1" Framed.
Details: Town for Memphis, George J. Sowden printed beneath image. Offered framed and unframed. Unframed version in pristine condition. Framed version in very good condition. Framed in graphite color metal frame with white archival mat with glass. Very hard to find poster, especially in good condition. Featured in color in the book Memphis: Research Experiences, Results, Failures and Successes of New Design by Barbara Radice.
Notes from the Archive: George Sowden was a founding member of the Memphis group, and his work was prominently featured in each of the first four collections. His early notable designs include the D'Antibes cabinet, Palace chair, Oberoi armchair, as well as imaginative patterns for laminates and textiles. He collaborated with Nathalie Du Pasquier on numerous visions of imaginary interiors, towns and cities; further developing the design collective's vocabulary. In Town for Memphis, Sowden uses marble like patterns in bright hues, stripes, checkerboard patterns and detailed fenestration to add specific visual interest to each building while still maintaining a collective architectural style. It is easy to imagine that the Memphis designers simply concocted radical designs without a thought as to how we would live with them. In truth, they were deeply committed to a vision of life with new ideas of design. Sowden's drawings and silkscreens were extremely important in placing New Design into the context of domestic life. 
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