To Be Continued Bench
by Julien Carretero


Artist/Designer: Julien Carretero
Title: To Be Continued Bench 2008
Medium: Polyurethane composite
Dimensions: 34.5" h x 73" x 32"
Manufacturer: Julien Carretero, The Netherlands
Details: Limited edition size noted on interior of bench: To be Continued Bench 3/5. This bench was part of the larger To Be Continued Series that included stools, a low bench, sideboards, and shelving units. 
Notes from the Archive: In 2007/2008, Julien Carretero began exploring the possibilities of creating uniqueness within a series or limited edition work. He describes the process in the To Be Continued series as "using repetitive actions existing within the production process as the tool for differentiation." Each layer is cast on top of the one cast before, following the exact outline of it. Each layer exists because of the others and couldn't have been designed without the others. Because of the imperfection of the casting process, the object slowly mutates and starts designing itself.  Here is a LINK to the artist's website featuring images of the production of this bench. 
Seldom can one see the thought process which precedes the moment of creation. The To Be Continued Bench preserves, layer by layer, the intentionally accidental creation of a work of innovative design, showing Carretero's thinking about design. An exceptional and influential prize. 
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