The Furniture of Gerrit Thomas Rietveld
by Daniele Baroni


Title: The Furniture of Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

Author: Daniele Baroni

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series, Inc. 

Specs:  Hardcover.  9" h x 9 3/4"

Pages:  178 Pages. Over 200 black and white illustrations.

ISBN: 0-8120-5201-3

Details: First U.S Edition 1978. Good condition, fingerprints on back inside cover. 

Notes from the archive: Daniele Baroni writes about the inspirations and challenges of producing furniture that in its time was radical and represents a historical record of how Rietveld's designs changed the form and acceptance of the modern movement. The work includes the three great cycles of Rietveld: the Dutch De Stijl; the International Style (along with Gropius); and, before his death in the 1950’s as an artist/architect rediscovered.

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