The Bed of the Blessed Ludovica Albertoni
by Holly Lane


Artist/Designer: Holly Lane
b. 1954, Cleveland
Title: The Bed of the Blessed Ludovica Albertoni 1988
Medium: Mixed media: Black and white photography, masonite, pine, spruce, balsa wood, cotton, gesso, modeling paste, acrylic paint and brass. 
Dimensions: 11.5"h x 12.50" x 2"
Details: Originally purchased at Lane's one-person exhibition in 1993 at Schmidt Bingham Gallery, NYC. Marked number C4328. Tucked in the back of the frame are the typed details from the artist, stamped by Schmidt Bingham Gallery, along with the Art in America review of the exhibition.
Notes from the Archive: This is an unusual example of Holly Lane's work as it includes photography, within one of her elaborate hand carved and painted frames. The frames in her work act as windows into a magical world. This frame has tiny brass door knobs on each side of the frame, as if there are secret doors one could enter. The painting comes with an explanation by the artist: "Ludovica Albertoni was a 16th century mystic who is said, to have died of the "Incendium Amoris" or the fire of divine love. Evidently, during this mystical experience body temperature is elevated and the mystic has the sensation of fire. Here is her bed, she is gone, but has left sparks or embers in her sheets. (As a footnote, the photographs are not acquired images, the artist set up the scene, photographed it, developed the negatives and made the prints)."
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