Side Chair
by Frank O. Gehry - Vitra


Artist/Designer: Frank O. Gehry
b. 1929, Toronto
Title: Side Chair
Medium: Corrugated cardboard, fiberboard, and round timber
Dimensions: 32.5"h x 14.25" x 21", seat height 17.5"
Manufacturer: Vitra
Details: This version is no longer in production. Early Vitra production version. Good condition, some scuffs on fiberboard. 
Notes from the Archive: Gehry's experimentation with cardboard furniture grew from his extensive use of it in architectural models. To show the strength of the laminated cardboard material, he famously photographed a Volkswagen Beetle supported on all four wheels with cardboard side chairs (see photo below - taken for the 1972 Easy Edges Brochure- shown here from the Frank O. Gehry catalog). He used a particular type of multi-layer corrugated cardboard, and stipulated its use in the production versions by Vitra. Over time cardboard technology has changed so current production uses a different cardboard, considered even stronger yet slightly lighter in color. When new, the Gehry cardboard chairs exhibit a crisp, scratchy surface, due to the stiff paper edges. Over time, and with prolonged use, the paper wears to a soft sueded patina, which is both beautiful and comfortable. This version is from Vitra's earliest production, a long-time show sample and has been included in many exhibitions of modern design, and is velvety soft to the touch.  
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