Rio Mug
by George Sowden for Swid Powell


Artist/Designer: George Sowden
b. 1942 Leeds, UK
Title: Rio Mug (circa 1984-6)
Medium: Porcelain
Dimensions: 3.875"h x 4"(including handle) x 2.75". 10 oz.
Manufacturer: Swid Powell
Details: No longer in production. Swid Powell ©George Sowden (signature) "Rio" printed on bottom. Very good condition. Not dishwasher safe. Only 1 available.
Notes from the Archive: The Rio pattern was designed as a complete line of dinnerware for Swid Powell. In describing this design, Sowden is quoted in the Swid Powell book by Annette Tapert, "When I design furniture or decoration, textiles or objects, I express a message or an idea with them. I look for a meaning, an essence or a communication. Sometimes it is frenzied, sometimes discordant, but mostly I look for something gentle, to create an experience or a sensation of pleasure; and through pleasure I aim at beauty."
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