Philippe Starck Distordre


Title: Philippe Starck Distordre

Authors: Alberto Alessi and Philippe Starck, Conversation about design 
between Alberto Alessi and Philippe Starck edited by Marco Meneguzzo

Publisher: Electa © 1996, Milan, Italy

Specs: 9.5” h x 9” Softcover with book binding. Text in English, German Italian and French

Pages: 116 pages, Black & White diagrams and Illustrations throughout with 28 color photographs of products.


Details: Excellent Condition. Insightful introduction by Marco Meneguzzo.

Notes from the archive: The subtitle, “Conversation about design between Alberto Alessi and Philippe Starck” is probably more accurate in describing the nature of this book. The text was spoken and recorded as the designers followed an actual path from the home of Starck to the factory district of Alessi. Starck implies this roam through geography also guides consciously and spiritually the purpose of the conversations. Alessi is more pragmatic. Meneguzzo is the conversational and philosophical  “GPS.” These are the words of philosophy of Design and Production from stars in both fields. It is an extension of the Bauhaus’ credo “Form follows function” dramatized by Starck, elucidated by Alessi and spurred on by Meneguzzo. Definitely, not light reading, but provocative as observed in this excerpt between Meneguzzo and Starck: 
M “… the future already seen and possessed. It could be taken as expressing the notion of modernity … the idea of the future … we already possess.” 
S “I ditched the idea of modernity a long time ago, in the sense that I think that all the stuff which we have seen and which we now define as “modern” is really only in a “modern style”.  You can’t talk about modernity at all in reference to objects. What one can try to talk about is honesty, proof of honest.”

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