Facades Lithograph
by Robert Kipniss


Artist/Designer: Robert Kipniss
b. 1931, Brooklyn, New York
Title: Facades 1989
Medium: Color lithography
Dimensions: Image: 14"h x 14", Paper: 18" x 17.5" Offered unframed. (Please contact us for framing options.)
Details: Hand-signed in pencil Kipniss on right side under image, and artist proof on left side under image. 
Notes from the Archive: Lithography is as much an art as a craft. Robert Kipniss uses lithography in its simplest form, as it originated in 1798. He draws directly on the Bavarian limestone with a type of grease crayon. The image is then etched by the lithographer and hand cranked through a cast iron press for each color. Once the edition is complete the drawing is ground off and the stone is reused.
Kipniss’s images are of imagined landscapes and interiors with a universal quality: at once subtle and intense, stark yet moody, dreamlike and realistic. His prints evoke half-conscious sensations of having personally experienced this exact moment in time. Facades features the spare, hard edges of a building  in the foreground, with a diffuse and romantic vista beyond a picket fence. Here Kipniss captures the very nature of recollection- some details which remain in sharp focus, and others which fade into hazy memory.  An intuitive and technical master of the medium.
Shipping Notes: Free shipping included in the continental US. Please contact us for international shipping arrangements.
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