Untitled drawing
by Wendell Castle


Artist/Designer: Wendell Castle 
b. 1932 Emporia, Kansas
Title: Untitled 1992 (Drawing of "Tulip Hall Table")
Medium: Pencil, markers, watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 12.5"h x 16.25" Horizontal
Details: Color depiction of Tulip Hall Table also completed in 1992 (photo of final work included below).Drawing in good condition, minor smudges and some foxing. Unframed.  
Notes from the Archive: In the early 1990's Castle diverged from a purely "furnituremaking" finishing vocabulary to include gesso and acrylic paints in his works. This led inevitably to a series of painted tables, whose legs could be removed and hung on the wall like traditional "paintings" albeit with the legs as part of the frame or the overall composition. Legs were often whimsical antler or branch like forms. Many of these pieces were shown at an exhibition, "Wendell Castle Picture Tables" at Peter Joseph Gallery in 1992. Subsequent cabinet pieces began to incorporate both hand painted finishes and irregular branchlike forms. The piece in this drawing uses the spindly legs to accentuate the precarious cantilever of a sideboard cabinet far over the disparate organic base forms, in a bit of deliberate whimsy. 
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