Chairs 65 (Set of 2)
by Alvar Aalto from Artek 2nd Cycle


Artist/ Designer: Alvar Aalto
b. 1898 - 1976 Finland
Title: Chairs 65 (set of 2) 
Medium: Birch with black leather seats
Dimensions: 26"h x 13.75" x 16", 17.25 "seat height 
Manufacturer: Artek
Details: Set of two original production version Chair 65's that have been well-loved for years and re-varnished (more than once) by hand. Purchased through the Artek 2nd Cycle program and recently featured in an exhibition for Artek in Canada. Artek's statement in regards to Artek's 2nd Cycle Program explains: "Sustainable 2nd Cycle items are part of Artek's environmental strategy. By creating the 2nd Cycle, Artek wants to raise the issue of conscious consuming, praise the authentic design and honor the importance of originality. Solidly made and and impervious to fashion, these iconic pieces have gained value and beauty through everyday use."
Notes from the Archive: Artek tells the story in their 2nd Cycle statement, about a factory worker who brought in a 70 year old stool. Through the additional coats of paint they could guess the original finish by reading the clues through the layers. Some might have thought the stool looked "old and dodgy", but they thought it had "never looked more beautiful".
On my visit to Helsinki last April, I stopped in at the Artek 2nd Cycle gallery nestled below-ground in a historic carriage house. A quick stop turned into an afternoon of discovery and awe of the depth of the collection available. Also interesting to note, I arrived just as Rolf Feldbaum left after making numerous purchases, as well. 
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