Bronze Bas Relief (Small Landscape)
by Robert Kipniss


Artist/ Designer: Robert Kipniss
b. 1931, Brooklyn, NY
Title: Bronze Bas Relief (Small Landscape)
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 10.75" h x 9.65" x .5"
Details: Signed Kipniss on the bottom of the right edge. Numbered 7/35 on back. The number 7 was double stamped. Hanging wire on back. Exact date of work unknown but thought to be 1970-75.
Notes from the Archive: Robert Kipniss, the extraordinary painter and master printmaker, experimented with bas relief in bronze early in his career, as both a technical challenge and an opportunity to extend his work into three dimensions. He is revered for his expertise in printmaking especially the mezzotint.  The mezzotint process begins with a textured plate and uses a burnishing tool to smooth the texture to create lines and forms; a technique that is exactly the opposite of working in bas relief. Here his trademark shed-like building is framed by stark tree trunks without branches, in contrast to the trees in the background with lush layers of leaves, creating texture, light and shadow. Kipniss deftly works a variety of textures to achieve the same subtle shades one sees in his paintings and prints. His mastery of the light translates effortlessly form 2D to 3D with equal effect. This is a rare and wonderful work acquired directly from this great American artist. 
Kipniss' work is represented in the permanent collections of hundreds of museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the British Museum in London and the Bibliothèque National in Paris.
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