Stefano Giovannoni

 Stefano Giovannoni

 b. 1954, LaSpezia




One of the most important influences on designer and architect Stefano Giovannoni was attending the University of Florence during the late 1970s, “where the concept of ‘radical architecture’ was born,” providing fertile ground for designers and architects to pursue a new vision beyond the boundaries of more traditional rules. Giovannoni completed his studies in Florence in 1978, and took up teaching responsibilities the following year. Alongside Guido Venturini, Giovannoni founded the King-Kong studio in the 1980s, notably designing the "Girotondo" line in household appliances and accessories for Alessi, which featured a distinctive cut-out stick man. Giovannoni also succeeded with a number of solo endeavors with Alessi, Magis, Fiat, Siemens, and Lavazza, among others.


Stefano Giovannoni has designed some of the most commercially successful products in the world, thanks in no small part to his clever eye for detail. His innovation in the design process led to the creation of the first three-dimensional plastic chair created using gas-injected air molding in Chair First (for Magis). Giovannoni’s Bombo Stool (also for Magis) is an excellent example of his design aesthetic, and its futuristic good looks earned it a place in the film “Star Trek”. It is perhaps no great surprise that his work is featured in the permanent collections at MoMA in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Despite critical acclaim, Giovannoni find the popular reception of his products to be more satisfying than earning prestigious awards. To accomplish this, he feels that all designers must stay in tune with popular culture, and has expressed approval for the rising focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. In his own words: “It's my job to think about how a product will be received in the marketplace, and that is something I take very seriously”.
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