Ettore Sottsass Jr.
by Gilles De Bure


Title: Ettore Sottsass Jr. 

Author: Gilles De Bure

Publisher: Rivages/Styles, Paris ©1987

Specs: 7.25” h x 6.5” Softcover with heavy, gloss cover stock. 

Pages: 96 Pages. Illustrations and photographs in black & white and color. Written in French.

ISBN: 2-86930-097-2

Details: First Edition. Book in excellent condition. 

Notes from the archive: Author Gilles De Bure presents Ettore Sottsass, Jr. from child to maestro of furniture and New Design. The items from the mind and hand of Sottass are those things that you see in avant garde houses and offices and fantastically exist for their function and ideology. Sottsass is presented as a modernist and has gained fame for his Memphis designs and unique architectural and industrial design work. Written in French with many illustrations and quotations from the Maestro himself.

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