Albert Paley Threshold, Klein Steel
Edited by Linda Shearer


Title: Albert Paley Threshold, Klein Steel

Author: Edited by Linda Shearer

Publisher: Skira,  2008

Specs: First Edition. Hardcover. Printed in Milan, Italy. 

Pages: 130 pages. 89 color illustrations.

ISBN: 978-88-6130-305-8

Details: Threshold measures 80 feet high, 40 feet wide and 36 feet deep and is installed at the headquarters of Klein Steel Service Inc. in Rochester, NY. This book documents all aspects of the development of this work of art from design to fabrication and installation. The cover is a photograph of the final positioning of the secondary elements and the back cover shows a photograph of the completed sculpture from July 2007. Additionally this volume places the sculpture within a contemporary context of site-specific sculpture being created in the United States. 

Notes from the archive: This catalog is more than a volume dedicated to the creation of one sculpture. It is also the story of two individuals, artist Albert Paley and Joe Klein, CEO of Klein Steel Service Inc., and what they have accomplished together and how they have collaborated to foster each others creativity.  The sculpture is the culmination of a thirty-five year relationship beginning in 1969 when Paley mostly scrounged for materials at the junk yard and then became Klein's only customer.  

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