Ply-Chair (Closed Back)
by Jasper Morrison for Vitra


Artist/Designer: Jasper Morrison
b. 1959, London
Title: Ply-Chair (Closed Back) 
Medium: Plywood, birch veneer
Dimensions: 33" h x 15.5" x 15.25", 18.5" seat height
Manufacturer: Vitra
Details: Designed in 1988. Two examples available, both in very good condition. No longer in production. Included in many international museum collections. Extremely collectible.
Notes from the Archive: English designer Jasper Morrison's work is characterized by its simplicity in both form and vision. This chair was originally designed for an installation in Berlin titled "Some New Items for the House" featuring the Ply-chairs in both versions (open backed and closed) displayed with a Ply-Table in a room complete with plywood walls and floor.  In the book, Jasper Morrrison Everything But the Walls, Morrison explains his design process; "The main reason the Plywood Chair looks the way it does is that I had to make it myself, and the only equipment I had was an electric jigsaw and some "ships curves".  So it became a project to cut shapes out of a plywood sheet and reassemble them to make something 3-dimensional. I found that by using a thin sheet of ply for the seat and curving the cross bars below it, I could achieve a cushioning effect, which in some way compensates for other, less accommodating features. After that I did a model with the back filled in, which is more comfortable, but less exciting." In our opinion, together they make an incredible pair!
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