Ortofrutta Cabinet
by Andrea Salvetti for Dilmos Edizioni


Artist/Designer: Andrea Salvetti
 b. 1967, Bozzano Lucca, Italy
Title: Ortofrutta Cabinet 2006
Medium: Cast aluminium
Dimensions: 60.5" h x 40.5" x 24.5"
Manufacturer: Dilmos Edizioni. Made in Italy.
Details: This cabinet has two storage compartments; the upper compartment is accessed through two cleverly concealed doors, one on each end of the upper cabinet and the lower is accessed with a single door. Signed inside large cabinet door, with artist's stamp and Andrea Salvetti 2/8. This example was exhibited at Moss Gallery in The New Order exhibition of cabinets in 2006. 
Notes from the Archive: Andrea Salvetti is a designer known for furniture/sculptures that are inspired by the natural world, often cast in aluminum and bronze. This Ortofrutto (Fruits and Vegetables) Cabinet was created by first making a negative mold in sand using various pieces of wood, from which a positive mold in wax was produced. Using this lost wax process, the parts are then cast in aluminum, polished, or burnished and finally welded together. This piece is sometimes referred to as a Tronchi cabinet, which was a subsequent series of furniture with wood grain motifs. The rustic appearance of the component blocks belies the sophisticated process used to fabricate them. A witty, totemic masterpiece and a very rare and important work in Salvetti's oeuvre. 
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