Memphis: Research, Experiences, Results, Failures and Successes of New Design


Title: Memphis: Research, Experiences, Results, Failures and Successes of New Design

Author: Barbara Radice

Publisher: Electa

Specs: 12.25" h x 8.75"

Pages: 208

Details: Cover designed by Nathalie du Pasquier. Design and layout by Christoph Radl. First edition was published in 1984, this volume from a limited edition of 1000 copies re-edited in occasion of the exhibition "Memphis Blues", April 2009 at the Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milan, Italy.

Notes from the archive: The comprehensive story of Memphis, as told by Barbara Radice their cultural art director, from the beginning with Studio Alchymia to detailed results of their first three years to their highest aspirations in architecture. Hundreds of color and black photos chronicle the designs from drawings and sketches to finished objects and furniture. Memphis' use of primary and contrasting color in graphic designs and patterns for plastic laminates and textiles, are explored along with their effect on the global fashion and interiors worlds. This is an invaluable guide to ultimately verify which furnishings, objects, graphics and textiles are authentically Memphis.

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